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Moody Blues (CD)

Moody Blues (CD) 1. Go Now! (1966) 1. I&aposll Go Grazy 2. And My Baby&aposs Gone 3. Go Now! 4. It&aposs Easy Child 5. Can&apost Nobody Love You 6. I Had A Dream 7. Let Me Go 8. I Don&apost Want To Go On Without You 9. True Story 10. If Ain&apost Necessarily So 11. Bye Bye Bird 12. From The Bottom Of My Heart (I Love You) 2. The Magnificent Moodies (1966) 1. I&aposll Go Grazy 2. Something You Got 3. Go Now! 4. Can&apost Nobody Love You 5. I Don&apost Mind 6. I&aposve Got A Dream 7. Let Me Go 8. Stop! 9. Thank You Baby 10. If Ain&apost Necessarily So 11. True Story 12. Bye Bye Bird 3. Days Of Future Passed (1967) 1. The Day Begins 2. Dawn, Dawn Is A Feeling 3. The Morning, Another Morning 4. Lunch Break, Peak Hour 5. The Afternoon, Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?), (Evening) Time To Get Away 6. Evening, The Sunset, Twilight Time 7. The Night, Nights In White Satin 4. In Search Of The Lost Chord (1967) 1. Departure 2. Ride My See-Saw 3. Dr. Livingstone, I Presume 4. House Of Four Doors 5. Legend Of A Mind 6. House Of Four Doors, Pt.2 7. Voices In The Sky 8. The Best Way To Travel 9. Visions Of Paradise 10. The Actor 11. The Word 12. Om 5. On The Threshold Of A Dream (1969) 1. In The Beginning 2. Lovely To See You 3. Dear Diary 4. Send Me No Wine 5. To Share Our Love 6. So Deep Within You 7. Never Comes The Day 8. Lazy Day 9. Are You Sitting Comfortably? 10. The Dream 11. Have You Heard, Pt.1 12. The Voyage 13. Have You Heard, Pt.2 6. To Our Children&aposs Children&aposs Children (1969) 1. Higher And Higher 2. Eyes Of A Child, Pt.1 3. Floating 4. Eyes Of A Child, Pt.2 5. I Never Thought I&aposd Live To Be A Hundred 6. Beyond (Instrumental) 7. Out And In 8. Gypsy 9. Eternity Road 10. Candle Of Life 11. Sun Is Still Shining 12. I Never Thought I&aposd Live To Be A Million 13. Watching And Waiting 7. A Question Of Balance (1970) 1. Question 2. How Is It (We Are Here) 3. And The Tide Rushes In 4. Don&apost You Feel Small 5. Tortoise And The Hare 6. It&aposs Up To You 7. Minstrel&aposs Song 8. Dawning Is The Day 9. Melancholy Man 10. The Balance 8. Every Good Boy Deserves Favour (1971) 1. Procession 2. The Story In Your Eyes 3. Our Guessing Game 4. Emily&aposs Song 5. After You Came 6. One More Time To Live 7. Nice To Be Here 8. You Can Never Go Home 9. My Song 9. Seventh Sojourn (1972) 1. Lost In A Lost World 2. New Horizons 3. For My Lady 4. Isn&apost Life Strange 5. You And Me 6. The Land Of Make-Believe 7. When You&aposre A Free Man 8. I&aposm Just A Singer (In Rock And Roll Band) Tech.doc Moody Blues (CD) ©  RMG Жанр: Блюз Формат:MP3 Системные требования: Процессор: Pentium 100 MHz Оперативная память: 16 Mb Видео: c 2 Mb RAM CD-ROM: 4х OS: Размер: 1 CD

Цена диска:  145 руб.

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